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In all her sessions, Patricia always prays before she begins and asks God to wrap everyone in His white light of love and protection.

She also asks that through the intercessions of the heavenly archangels from Godís love, she receive for the highest and best of all involved.

Spiritual Healings
Spiritual Healings
Ask the Angels
Dream Interpretations
Group Healing Sessions

Spiritual Healings can be channeled in either of two ways. The most requested choice is done in person on a one on one basis. The other choice is long distance with a picture sent by email or regular mail after our phone meeting.

Your spiritual healing includes a one hour consultation with discussion of your intention. We will request your special intention for your received healing, but ultimately it is God who knows that the spiritual healing that you will receive is for your highest and best. Patricia prays over you and receives healing energy from the Divine that resonates over the person involved. There isnít any physical contact involved with her receiving.

Your spiritual healing will also include a written channeled message Patricia has previously received for you for your session. This will be read to you as she received it, and given to you. Fee is $225.

Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels includes a one hour consultation where you and I will identify two to three questions you would like to have guidance for your highest and best.

Examples of questions could include the following: family, health issues, pet concerns, career paths, grieving situations, or information that would be for your highest and best at this time. All responses are absolutely confidential.

The day following our meeting, I will do my receiving for you. At the established time scheduled at your consultation, I will contact you and read what I have received. A written copy of your reading will be mailed to you. Fee $225.

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation includes an hour consultation of dream review to include aspects of colors, emotions, feelings, reactions, and overall depth of the dream dynamics in your perspective.

As in the format of ďAsk the AngelsĒ I will do my channeling for you the following day of consultation and contact you at the established time to share my received channel and mail it to you.
Fee is $225.

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Group Healing Sessions

A group healing session includes four to six participants. The location is arranged by the participant hosting the healing session.

This session includes a group spiritual healing and a channeled written message for each person. Although in a group setting, all is confidential. Patricia must receive each participantís name at least four days before the session. Fee is $75 per person.


Still have questions? Please contact me at patricia@heavenlyhealingusa.com
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