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Welcome to Heavenly Healing
Patricia Butler Spiritual Healer  

Heavenly Healing is a gift which has been given to me to show that miracles happen every day through God's precious Love. With the intercession of the heavenly archangels, I am a channel and vessel for God's healing to others.

Along with this beautiful gift of being a channel for healing, I am also able to receive messages from the angelic realm for a person's highest and best intentions in their aspects of life.

God's healing and messages are what I share through the gifts I've been blessed with to those who believe in God's Love to us.

There is a reason why Heavenly Healing has crossed your path at this very moment. There is always a purpose to all our journeys in life.

Whether by happenstance, specific mission or searching for spiritual guidance, I welcome you to my Heavenly Healing web site.



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