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“For the last past 3 winters, my daughter has had severe abdominal pain that would last from 2 to 4 months. When she began her pain this last winter, nothing seemed to help. She took all kinds of tests and nothing could be found but the pain persisted. My sister suggested for me to contact Patricia since she had helped her in the past. I did and when she called me to read my message from the Archangels, the words that kept repeating in my mind were, "She is healed". I asked myself, "How could this be?". Right before this call, I had gotten a call from her school telling me to go pick my daughter up because she was in severe pain. My daughter spent the afternoon in bed and during that evening ,I went to her room to ask her how she felt. She told me that she no longer had pain. I couldn't believe my ears. The pain has not returned. I am so thankful that our paths crossed and Patricia is able to share her precious gift with the world.”

Elba M. - Staten Island, New York

“I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and the doctor I saw told me that I would need two total knee replacements immediately! I called Pat who was in Florida and shared what lay ahead for me. She told me that she would Ask the Angels for a Message for my highest and best. The message she received was that I would have two small incisions in my right knee. It was to be an outpatient procedure. I went for a second opinion and chose this new doctor. He performed arthroscopic surgery on my right knee (consisting of two small incisions) to trim the cartilage and relieve pain. This was done in outpatient surgery and was successful!

Pat has also done healing on my knees relieving pain, as age takes its toll. I was able to put off the more invasive treatment for a few years. Not only have I received divine healing, but also I was given the proper direction for pursuing earthly healing.”

C.M. - Orleans, Massachusetts

“As a longtime friend of Patricia Butler, it is with great love and respect that I thank her for all of her help over the last few years. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in the fall of 2007 and called Pat the same day to discuss my condition with her. She reassured me that I would be in her prayers daily and that she would do whatever she could to help me in my ordeal that I was about to face.

As more tests and doctors’ visits took place it began to look like the cancer may have spread outside the prostate gland. Pat frequently guided me through a very rough period and constantly assured me that the angels would protect me and to always look to the light and be strong. Pat assured me that the cancer had not spread and that I would be fine once the operation and its healing were complete.

I was operated on in January 2008 and now am cancer free and maintaining a zero PSA count. Pat takes her special gift very seriously and is always there for me to contact if I need any emotional help or guidance. I constantly tell my friends and family that Pat is my Angel on earth and she directed me to one of the best surgeons in Boston, who I also feel is one of my Angels and I have told him so.

I would tell anyone that needs some emotional guidance and support to allow Pat to come in to your life, you will always be blessed and in her prayers and that is the best support you could ever ask for.”

Leon R. - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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“For sometime I was having pains in my right hip and in front of my right foot (bones - calcaneus and talus). I had gone to a chiropractor and the pain went away. Then I gained some more weight after baby #2 was born. I started getting pains again on my foot and on my hip as well which I thought was due to the extra weight. This is about two years after I had the first bout of pains on my foot. I went back to the chiropractor and the right hip was again unaligned. Even after I lost 25 pounds, going to the chiropractor for over two months, and using arches again I did not receive any relief.

I found Patricia in Natural Awakenings Magazine and felt I had to contact her. During the healing session she called upon the Archangels for guidance. At the time as she passed her hand over my leg and foot, I felt heat on my hip while she was thanking the angels for their healing. Afterwards, she sent an email stating that the angels said the pain was due to a birth defect and the healing will heal me. I had pain off and on for about a month, which was great since I was typically in pain everyday.

This occurred in December of 2008 and I have not experienced any of that pain since. I believe Patricia is a true conduit and through her the angels have cured my birth defect and I am grateful everyday for this healing.”

Carmencita - Port St. Lucie, Florida

Carmencita’s healing has been acknowledged in:
The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael by Doreen Virtue

“In the summer of 2010, I had called on my Higher Spirit, Archangels and Spirit Guides to bring my path guidance and clarity during a time in my life where I needed earthly validation. As a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, I walk in the knowing that the medicine my path receives is always in God's love; and it brought to me a few days later Patricia. I knew that she was guided to the shop where I had been working. I immediately pursued our crossing of paths, and made an appointment to work with her and explore certain questions that I had been holding.

As a healer myself, it is important to pursue nourishment and mentorship, and not only did my time with Patricia bring this, but more. She holds a sacred and safe space, which allows for one's True Self to emerge and speak from within. I was able to receive messages and guidance from the Heavenly and Angelic realms through my meeting with Patricia; these messages,I Know, will unfold each day and year with more profundity.

Thank you Patricia for honoring and pursing so bravely your blessings and gifts, so that you may help others move towards their own personal and spiritual advancement. May you be well and happy.”

Jennifer K. - Harwich, Massachusetts

“My mom and I would like to thank Pat for a healing my mom received after she broke her ankle in five places. My mom, who turned 70 in December, healed so quickly and beautifully that her doctor was totally amazed! Pat's healing and my mom's optimism equalled a successful recovery in a very short period of time.”

Diane C. - Massachusetts (daughter)
Annie A. - Connecticut (mom)

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“I went to Pat kind of skeptical of this power. I have had a heart problem for many years. I have gone from doctor to doctor and even had an operation that was supposed to stop me from feeling the racing beats of my heart by cauterizing the artery. Nothing ever worked and I was living with a constant tightening of my chest and most of the time feeling that I was having a heart attack. I went to Pat for a healing of my heart problems and came out as a new person with no pain and anxiety in my life anymore. I want to thank Pat for giving me my life back without the constant worry or feeling that my life will soon be over because of the pain.”

Kathy L. - Florida

“I have twins that were born prematurely and have had medical problems. I did not hesitate to ask Pat to do a healing on my babies on several occasions. That, along with prayers and positive thought, I believe have most definitely helped my twins along. They are doing great!”

Lisa T. - Massachusetts

“I had a partial rotator cuff tear that was causing an impingement on my shoulder. Leaving my arm hanging down was okay but moving it to do things like getting dressed or drive or shower or lift things caused a sharp pain to the point where I would not want to do whatever task I was supposed to be doing. The doctor had me going to physical theraphy 3 times a week and after 3 weeks I really didn't feel that I was getting much better. Pat did a healing on me. It was amazing how hot her hands got as she prayed over me. The next day when I woke up my pain was completely resolved and I can do a 360 turn of my arm in either direction without pain! My doctor was amazed. What a blessing!”

Mary U. - Florida

“I called Pat to pray for my mom for she was quite ill. An ambulence was on its way to take her to the hospital. My mom had an ulcer in her throat and she was bleeding profusely. The ambulance came, and I followed behind it. When I arrived at the hospital, I was told that my mom all of a sudden felt 100% better in the ambulance. Her bleeding just completely stopped and she said that such peace had come over her. I know that it was Pat's incredible loving energy prayers that this came about.”

Charlene P. - Massachusetts

“I am eternally grateful for Pat's divine intervention. I was caught between the choices of very invasive neck surgery or very skeptical chiropratic work. Thank God I found Pat. My pain was gone within 48 hours and has never returned. I also received a very strong spiritual “cooling” feeling that helps daily with stress.”

Maggie K. - Massachusetts

“I have been very blessed and fortunate to cross paths with Pat Butler. She is a woman of great intregity and respect. I personally have had healing experiences with Pat for she is a vessel to our spiritual world. Pat's sincere caring along with her spiritual gift left me with a wonderful sense of peace and hopefulness... a heavenly healing reveals itself.”

Judy O. - Florida


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