Receiving the Gift
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Receiving the Gift
Patricia Butler Spiritual Healer  

I received this precious gift in the winter of 1993. While driving home during a treacherous snowstorm, an angel guided me safely to my destination.

The next day when describing to my sister the terrible conditions I endured with the storm and the unexpected guidance given to me by a total stranger, she asked me if I thought this young woman could have been an angel.

The moment the word angel was spoken, my body had currents of energy waves that were beyond verbal description. My sister felt these confirming waves through the phone line as well.

It was from that time on, that I had a burning desire to find out more about angels. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn. The more I knew, the more open I became to the messages the angels sent. Messages came from all sources and continue to come to lead me. The angels have led me to recognize and embrace Godís gifts to me as a vessel to receive healing energy and a channel to receive messages from the Divine.

Channeling with the Archangels manifests in the following ways:

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